Saturday, 22 August 2009

The talent of the Irish

Not much get said about the new Irish kids over here, they don't really get included in competitions and literature as much. I somehow doubt that really matters the Irish sense of pride and independence but their young practices like O'Donnell and Tuomey, ODOS, Cast, Ozmin, A2 etc can rip it up like the Lynch's and Carmody Groarkes over this side of the channel.

Here is the work of Taka, formed by a pair of Irish women in Bangladesh, which explains the brick patternings, and have already done work for the Venice Biennale. House 1 and 2 shows a structural ambiguity, sturdy lightness with Victorian sensibility in the celebration of the vintage decoration and the taste for using imported flavours from their travels.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Humble space geometries

Designed with Gaudis method of hanging chains in search of the perfect natural geometries.

Gaudi chair from Dutch student Bram Geenen.

Monday, 17 August 2009


Travelled to finland and broke all of the non-judgements I had of the place. I mostly only captured photos in Helsinki, otherwise i was too occupied by fondling moonbeams and breast-stroking through waters. After rushing past the strangely ordinary Kamppi Center by Juhani Pallasmaa - from a quick walk through i couldn't gauge how it had much relevance to his theories on architecture and the senses - i came to Kiasma which feels like it has been put together by one man, sculpting away for about 40 years. For a big building it remains continuously tactile as everything you touch transfers a sense of hours. Each piece of brass marked with a thousand prints.

and the babies get to sit in tim burton diy high chairs!